Sponsored Spellathon

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St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School are hosting a sponsored Spellathon

Dear Parents and Guardians,

St Edmund’s Parents Association have been working hard to raise funds to build a Fort in the outdoor play area.  We are aiming to raise £10,000 to fund this, which will be available for all students at St Edmund’s and will be a unique feature in a primary school!  We are hoping that the St Edmund’s community will continue to be generous to help us reach our fundraising goal!

Next week, there will be a Sponsored Spellathon for all students at St Edmund’s.  The class teachers have been fully involved in planning the spellings and they have set the following challenges:

There are prizes for this competition.  One will be for the class with the highest sponsorship total (separated by Foundation/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2), and further individual prizes for the children who have made the best effort in learning the spellings for the Spellathon as chosen by the class teacher.

The Sponsored Spellathon will be held on Monday 22nd May, giving the children a week to practice the spellings and to collect their sponsorship money. Here is an extra copy of the sponsorship form if needed.

With many thanks in advance for your support,

St Edmund’s Parents Association