Mother Tongue Day Thursday 24th May

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St Edmund’s Mother Tongue Day

As you may know, we are lucky enough to have children and families from many different countries attending our school. We will celebrate this by having a special day in school on Thursday 24th May. It will be a fun day and a great opportunity to learn a bit more about another country and culture. The day will begin with a special assembly at 9 a.m. based on the story of Pentecost. Mrs Delany-White will read the Pentecost story alongside sections of the story read in different languages by some staff and parents. The story of Pentecost includes Jesus’ disciples speaking in many different languages, and we will include some prayers which will be read by children in their home language, with an English translation. If you are fortunate enough to speak another language in addition to English then please encourage your child to volunteer to read a prayer in your home language, as this is always a very special part of our Mother Tongue Day assembly. If you are available, you are very welcome to join us at the assembly.

Before the languages day each class will choose a country to find out about, and this may be a country that a child in that class comes from. The children will be able to come to school dressed in the colours of that country’s flag or the traditional costume of that country if they have it. If any parents are able to come in to classes on the languages day to share some information about a country or language then please speak to your child’s class teacher about a suitable time. In the past parents have talked about the country, brought food to try, taught some simple words or phrases or read a story in the target language.

As we all learn French at St Edmund’s, we will provide a French style drink and snack (probably croissants or pain au chocolat) for everyone during the morning- a bit of French culture to enjoy!

 In the afternoon each class sets up a stall with activities for the other children and parents to try related to their particular country. There will be a rota with time allocations for classes so that everyone gets a chance to look around and join in. Parents are very welcome to attend, and you may choose to come in at the same time as your child’s class. 

Information about which country each class is focussing on and timings for the class visits to the Hall is available below.

I hope to see many of you on what should be an enjoyable and informative day!

With best wishes,

Mrs Fiona Semple


Class Country Flag colour
Nursery Ecuador Yellow, blue, red
Reception Italy Green, white, red
Class 1 Poland White and red
Class 2 Jamaica Green, black, yellow
Class 3 Spain Red and yellow
Class 4 Ghana Red, yellow, green
Class 5A Philippines Blue, white, red, yellow
Class 5G India Orange, white, green
Class 6 Switzerland Red and white


Hall timings for Language Day stalls

Time Class Class
1.30-1.45 Class 6 Class 5G
1.50-2.05 Class 3
2.10-2.25 Class 1 Class 2
2.30-2.45 Class 4 Class 5A


Reception and Nursery classes will go into the hall throughout the afternoon in small groups. If you would like to join your Reception or Nursery class child in the hall, please let Mrs Demarchi, Miss Hunter or Mrs Semple know and we will arrange a time that suits you.