Ofsted Report

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Ofsted Inspection of St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School January 2020. 

This inspection was carried out using a new inspection framework which came into effect from September 2019. This framework makes judgements about the school using criteria set out into five main areas. These are: The Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, Leadership and Management, and the Quality of Early Years Education. As this was a section 8 inspection the inspectors were unable to give separate grades for each area. However, the lead inspector was clear in her verbal feedback to senior leaders and governors that we are providing a very high standard in all areas; it is just against the new and rigorous Quality of Education judgement that a few of our foundation subjects will need further ‘refining’ and ‘polishing’ to move from good to outstanding in the next few years.

The inspection report does not include all the verbal feedback we received, as Ofsted are now writing much shorter inspection reports.

The school has been judged as a good school and the verbal feedback received from the inspectors during the two days highlighted the many positive features of our school and noted the impact of our Catholic ethos and our ambitious desire to educate our children for life, not just the next phase of their education.

Here are some of the inspectors’ positive comments:

  • This school inspires pupils with a determination to change the world by spreading kindness and love.
  • Pupils confidently explain that they are being prepared to become people who will change the world and they mean it.
  • From the Early Years on, pupils show a love of learning.
  • Pupils are thriving at this school.
  • Pupils behave impeccably around school and in lessons. There is no low-level disruption.
  • Keeping children safe, happy and engaged is at the forefront of the work of the school.
  • Leaders and all staff are committed to knowing pupils and where they are individually in their learning.
  • Pupils are given clear, direct feedback in their lessons, building up independent learning so that they are well prepared for transition to secondary school.
  • Pupils are taught how to be a strong learner; to have the attitudes and moral conduct to be a successful learner.
  • Leaders and staff are pro-active and dynamic in their ambition to move the school forward.
  • Leaders are passionate about their subjects and have high expectations for all. They have taken effective action to embed a strong curriculum across the school.
  • Pupils are clear that there is no bullying at this school and that ‘teachers sort out any problems if we have them.’
  • Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for the school. They trust staff and give them freedom to present learning in creative and exciting ways.
  • Early Years staff provide just what each child needs to feel secure and to learn in a safe and caring environment.
  • Reading is at the central core of learning from Early Years onwards as it is at the heart of the curriculum.
  • All pupils, including those with special educational needs or disabilities, are keen to learn. Pupils who need extra help get effective, timely and ample support to catch up.
  • The school confidently teaches the children to celebrate the similarities and differences between cultures and religions.
  • Pupils enjoy learning about other beliefs and cultures and state ‘new people settle in well and there is a warm welcome for everyone.’
  • The Headteacher is ambitious in her aims and vision for the school.
  • There is a strong commitment to social responsibility. The pupils are keen to help other people, talking about ‘what I can do today.’
  • Well-being is well established. Staff are well supported at this school.
  • Leaders are united in their aim that pupils will enjoy lessons and leave school with a love of learning.

Some of the pupil comments to the lead inspector include:

  • ‘School prepares us to take ownership, to make decisions so we can grow’.
  • ‘We feel special; we feel we can make a difference to the world’.
  • ‘Adults listen to us, when we speak we are always listened to’.

The Senior Leaders and Governors of the school will continue to work together to ensure that we refine and polish the few curriculum areas that are not yet outstanding. As a leadership team, we will continue to drive improvements and build on our successes to ensure that all the children that attend St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School continue to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us by talking to the lead inspector and completing the Parent View questionnaires. We have been deeply moved by the support from you all during this inspection time and are, as always, truly grateful for your support and for trusting us to do our very best for your most precious children.

If you have any questions about the report or the inspection process, please do speak to Mrs Delany-White.