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Dear Parents and Carers, 

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. This lockdown was very sudden for everyone so we hope you and the children are coping as well as possible with the government’s decision. You can read our school’s remote learning plan here 

As we value yours and your child’s wellbeing, you will see that during this lockdown there will be more opportunities to discuss any difficulties that you or your child may face in the weeks ahead. This will be done via Microsoft Teams, just like our parents’ evening last term. If you have any concerns you would like to discuss with the class teacher, please email them using the class email address or request a learning clinic meeting via Teams to discuss the planning and ask for guidance. Teachers will run three learning clinics a week which you or your child can use for 1:1 time to ask for support/clarification/further explanation in any subject. Please do use these clinics as often as you or your child needs to. 

Starting next week, each teacher will be running weekly wellbeing group calls via Teams (for groups of up to six children at a time) as well so that the children can regularly see and talk to their friends and their teacher. Teachers will send you the timetable of these calls alongside next week’s planning on Monday.

Also individual teachers will be recording themsleves telling stories or singing songs (Mrs Semple!) which they will share with the children either via email or Tapestry so that your child still sees and hears their teacher regularly.

At the moment, each teacher wil need to teach in school one day a week so please be aware that they will be unable to respond to emails, run learning clinics or Teams catch up sessions on that day. We are hoping that teachers will only be required in school one day a week but this is subject to change depending on possible staff absences.  

Today you wil have received the home learning plan for the rest of this week. This week, we had planned an exciting art week for the children which unfortunately we are now unable to deliver in school. Yesterday the teachers all had to hastily create remote learning plans instead. Therefore, you may find the children have been set more art activities for the afternoon sessions as well as art related English lessons this week!  

Do please send an email to the class teacher if you would like them to clarify anything regarding the attached plan or if your child needs their log in details for any of the online sites we use in school. They are keen to support you in any way they can.  

Please keep reading with your child everyday. It is so important for their progress and confidence to practise regularly. A little and often makes such a difference.

Additional resources:
Please utilise mymathspurplemash and ttrockstars as they have a lot of fun, engaging and educational activities and games. We will be sending some additional resources next week so if your child wants to complete more work after they finish the activities explained in the weekly plan they will be able to do so.   

Purple mash blog:
It’s lovely to see that some key stage 2 children have continued to post on the class blogs on Purple Mash during the autumn termPlease encourage your child to post on the blog as it is a great way for them to keep in touch with their friends.  

Printed resources:
Many of the English and Maths activities will require access to any device that has internet access, a notebook and a pencil. If you need printed copies of work, please let the class teacher know so they can prepare them for you to collect from the school office by noon each Monday morning. Please note that the printed work may not be the same as the online planned activities. 

Please keep in touch with us and do let us know if we can help you or support you in anyway. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Delany-White