Remembrance Day

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The Year 6 children have been writing prayers for Remembrance Day.


Dear God, we praise you because you made us and gave us this amazing world.  We are sorry that so many wars are going on right now and that so many people have died.  Please forgive us. We are so grateful that in England we are living at peace.  Please help us to stop wars from happening.  Let people tolerate each other more and may the world live in peace.   


Thank you God for this wonderful world you have made for us, and for everything you have given us.  We are sorry for fighting and arguing.  Please forgive us for all the wars we have started. Thank you for peace in this country and in many other countries.  Please help all the injured soldiers that have been fighting for peace in different parts of the world.  Amen


We pray for all those living in war zones.  We think especially of people living in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.  On Remembrance Day we think of all the soldiers who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom.  They gave their tomorrows for our todays.  We pray for the families of injured servicemen and women and the work of the Royal British Legion.


Heavenly Father, we praise you because you have created a beautiful world for us to live in.  We are sorry that so many times we have caused wars and destroyed your creation.  Please help us to live in peace with others, to respect each other and treat each other with love.