Author Steven A McKay dedicates his latest novel to Year 5

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During the Autumn term Year 5 were learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. As part of this topic the class learnt about the genre of historical fiction, and they wrote to the historical fiction author Steven. A. McKay, who has written novels set in the time period the class was studying.  

Mr McKay is a writer from Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow in Scotland, who himself was heavily influenced by other historical fiction authors such as, Bernard Cornwell, Douglas Jackson, and Ben Kane.  

Although the children hadn’t read any of his books, as they are written for adults, they were excited to have the opportunity to ask a published author all about his books, his inspirations and why he set his stories in the past. 

During thier English lessons Year 5 drafted letters to Mr McKay and then wrote them up in neat and addressed an envelope each. The next step was to send the letters to Scotland for him to read, so the class had a walk to the post office where each child bought their own postage stamp and posted their letter. 


Mr McKay and his family were delighted to receive 22 individual handwritten letters through the post and each child got a personal response from Mr McKay. The class was so excited and thrilled to have their very own letter to open. Every child had all their questions answered and even got a personalised bookmark too. 

It was a fabulous experience, that we are sure all involved will remember fondly forever, and to top all of this off, Mr McKay has dedicated his latest novella ‘The House in the Marsh’ to the 2021/22 Year 5 class of St Edmund’s!