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In the Early Years, children relish learning. They have a wealth of interesting experiences that provide well for their social, emotional and learning needs. Ofsted January 2020


If you are considering your child joining us in September 2021 please book an online meeting and virtual tour with Mrs Demarchi, our Early Years leader, via the school office. Mrs Demarchi will be very happy to tell you all about our school and to answer any questions you may have.

A warm welcome to the Reception class at St. Edmund’s School; especially those families who are joining us for the first time. We hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to the school year ahead. The children have certainly been very excited and enthusiastic about coming to their new Reception class.

There is always a lot of information to pass on to parents at the start of a new term so please read this page carefully. If there is anything we have missed or that you are still unsure about please do ask.

The school day:

8:40 School starts
10:15 Snack time
11:45-12:30 Lunch time
2:50 School ends

A more detailed class timetable is attached. Please note that timetables change frequently and we have to allow plenty of flexibility in our timetable to allow for special events, extended lessons, school Mass and many other extra activities. The attached timetable is intended only as a guide.


Reception Teachers Mrs Demarchi
Miss Hurley
Early Years Teaching Assistants Miss Stokes
Mrs Painton & Mrs Astone
, Mrs Devlin



All children will need a school book bag which can be purchased from the school office. They will need to bring their book bag to school every day as they will not always read on the same day. We aim to change reading books once a week but children may read to an adult in school more often than this. We hope that some parents or grandparents will be able to volunteer to come into school once or twice a week to listen to children read and to help them with their phonics and speaking and listening activities. If you have a spare afternoon and would be interested in volunteering please speak to Mrs Demarchi or Miss Hurley. The more help we have the more often the children will be able to practise their reading with an adult. You do not need any previous experience of working in a school in order to volunteer.


Do take a look at our Class Topic Plans Web page to find details of the exciting topic based curriculum we will be teaching over the academic year.


Children in Reception wear full school uniform. It is a good idea to send your child a complete set of spare clothes to school as they do sometimes get wet or muddy when playing outside or have toilet accidents. Spare clothes do not need to be school uniform. The easiest way to manage this is to send a named bag of spare clothes to school which the children can keep on their cloakroom peg rather than carry them backwards and forwards each day. Although we keep spare clothes in school most children would prefer to wear their own clothes if they do need to get changed.

The children will play outside in all weathers and inevitably will sometimes get wet and muddy. Please ensure they have appropriate clothing for outdoor play (a warm winter coat, hat and gloves for cold days; wellington boots and a waterproof jacket for wet days; sun hat and sun cream for hot summer days). It is vital that all clothing is labelled with your child’s name. It is not possible to keep track of un-named jumpers, coats, hats and gloves.

A pair of plimsolls/pumps/canvas shoes are a good idea so that your child can change from their outdoor shoes if they are muddy or wet from playing outside. They can be stored under the bench below your child’s coat peg and do not need to be taken home every night.


Children are provided with a piece of fruit at 10:15 each morning and then may opt for a free hot dinner at lunch time. Water and milk are available to the children throughout the day. If your child is having a hot dinner there is no need to send them to school with any food or drink of any kind. Many parents worry about whether their child will eat or drink enough during the day. It can take a while for children to get used to eating at school. We will always do our best to encourage them to eat and drink plenty during the school day. If you have any concerns about how much your child is eating or drinking at school please do not hesitate to speak to the class teacher or any of the teaching assistants.

Partnership with Parents

Working together with parents is an important part of early education. Children like to talk about their day at school and it is so much easier to respond to them if you have a clear understanding of how the Reception class is run and what we are trying to achieve. We want all parents to be fully involved in their children’s learning.  With this in mind we try to offer as many opportunities as possible for parents to be involved with the Reception class.

  • We ask parents who have some free time during the week to come into school and volunteer to help in the classroom, particularly with reading, writing, phonics and speaking and listening. For more information about how we teach phonics at St Edmund’s please click here.
  • We offer the opportunity for parents to come in to class with their children from 8:45 each morning and spend a few minutes before lessons start helping their child to settle in and looking at the work their child has been doing. Children enjoy showing their parents their work folders or work they have done that is displayed on the walls.
  • We also keep a ‘Learning Journey’ for each child with samples of their work, photographs and observations. We ask parents to look at these at least once a term and also to contribute to them by making observations of your child at home. More information on Learning Journeys will follow shortly.
  • We hold an evening parent’s meeting at in September to talk to you about what we learn in Reception and Nursery and with a particular focus on how children learn to read and write. We will also talk about how we assess children and what the expectations are for learning in Reception.
  • We will try to keep you regularly updated with information about what your child has been learning along with suggestions for ways you can help them at home.
  • If you are not able to volunteer as a regular parent helper we invite you to come to an open day twice a year so that you can spend some time watching your child at school and see what a normal day in Reception looks like.
  • We ask that if you have any questions, worries or concerns or you are unhappy in any way about something that has happened at school that you come immediately to see one of the Reception staff. We are available from 8.45am each morning and after 3.00pm each afternoon. You do not usually need an appointment but if you have a query about your child’s work or development that may take longer to talk about we may ask you to come back at another time for a longer appointment. If there is any change in family or home circumstances that may affect your child emotionally please do tell us so that we can support them at school.


We ask for a donation of £5.00 per term for each child which will go into a fund to pay for cooking ingredients, art and craft materials, playdough and other classroom equipment.

We also ask for regular donations of empty boxes and packaging for our junk modelling table and old pieces of wrapping paper, birthday and Christmas cards, ribbons, gift bows, shiny paper and empty yoghurt pots for our cutting and sticking table.

We look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

Mrs Demarchi & Miss Hurley, Reception Teachers
Miss Stokes, Mrs Painton, Mrs Devlin & Mrs Astone  Early Years Assistants.