Pupils experience a well-planned and tailored curriculum that meets their educational, social and emotional needs. Ofsted January 2020

Please read the latest pieces of writing from our Star Writers

Year 5 have been writing poems connected to their topic work:

Northern Lights by Harry

Northen Lights by Niamh

Northern Lights by Patrick


The Ancient Olympic Games by Sophie in Year 5

Theseus and the Minotaur by Olivia in Year 5

Escape From Lockdown by Joseph in Year 5

Year 5 Lockdown Newspaper

Life in Lockdown by Shenara in Year 5


The Friendship River by Tessa in Year 4

Imogen’s Coronavirus Poem


The Legend of Beowulf by Joseph in Year 5


Year 3 have been writing powerful poems:


Year 6 have written the creation story pretending to be a Mayan:


Year 3 have enjoyed writing stories about Romulus and Remus this week as part of their Romans topic.


During art week the children have been writing ekphrastic poems; i.e. poems which are a vivid description of a work of art.




Year 4 have enjoyed finding out about mummification in Ancient Egypt. Do read their detailed and gory chronological reports:


Year 2 have been describing unicorns this week:


Year 5 have written some versions of the Legend of Beowulf


Year 4 had an amazing musical experience at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford:


Year 4 have enjoyed retelling the Story of Osiris and Isis:


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their educational visit to Abingdon School’s Science Laboratory this week:

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Sulgrave Manor


Do read Kate’s powerful poem: Danger

Year 3 have written diary entries about Mount Vesuvius:


Our Year 6 writers are producing some impressive pieces of writing this year:



Year 4 really enjoyed their chemistry workshop at Abingdon School last week:


Some exciting stories to read:


Year 4 are producing some high quality writing inspired by their Rivers topic:


Year 6 have been inspired by a video extract of The Piano


Do read some poems all about dragons:


Year 6 have written an account of the joint Sion Retreat with Year 6 children from St Amand’s and OLA Junior School


Year 4 having been writing information booklets and posters to teach Year 2 all about Ancient Egypt:


Last week the whole school was busy writing poems for National Poetry Day. Here is a selection:


Year 6 have written newspaper reports about life in the Blitz as part of their World War II topic:


Year 5 have been writing about Autumn this week:


Year 4 have obviously been inspired by stories from their Ancient Egypt topic this term:

The whole school have been busy writing poems since our visit by James Carter last week:


Year 2 have been writing adventure stories as part of their topic on Wonderful Water


I received the following post card from the rain forest this week:


A group of  Year 4 pupils have been thinking about dragons and how to look after them:

Eleanor wrote the following in response to a Year 6 RE discussion


Reception class have enjoyed all the special Chinese activities celebrating Chinese New Year recently:

Year 5 have been exploring how the promises of Baptism reveal God at work today. These are the thoughtful and mature responses two of the boys came up with:

Timothy in Year 3 has spent a long time retelling the story of Romulus and Remus


Flora in Year 3 has been finding out all about Italy


The whole school have written letters of thanks to the Sion Mission team for all that they brought to us last week. Below are a few letters from each year group:

Do read some Stone Age inspired adventures by Year 3

Year 3Hibbs have been writing all about Stone Age Life using subheadings.

Daisy’s account of Stone Age Life


Syd’s Writing about Stone Age Life


Year 5 have written poems all about the important need to recycle and look after our world. This poem was written by Zachary, Jessica, Esther and Shreyas and is entitled Careless


Year 6 have been writing biographies about famous artists.

Do read Jamie’s biography about Andy Warhol.

Ale has written all about Damien Hirst.


Reception Class have been writing about themselves as babies:


Alicia in Year 5 shows her concerns for our environment in her poem Breaking Ice.


Do read Zara-Mae in Reception Class’s account of The Hungry Caterpillar

Taylor in Reception obviously enjoys the story of The Hungry Caterpillar

Sam in Reception has been writing all about The Hungry Caterpillar


Oscar in Year 1 is obviously inspired by the topic on dinosaurs for his Dinosaur Discover 


Do read the exciting adventures of Flame, Scales and Ruby, the dinosaur family in Ewan from Year 3’s Dragon’s Peak.


Emily in Year 5 has written this gripping tale entitled Run to save your life.