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Welcome to Year 2.

In our school we have a mainly topic based curriculum. We aim to inspire the children to enjoy each topic so that their motivation and confidence with writing is continually improving which will then of course impact on their ability and progress. The children continue to do daily English and Maths lessons and we will focus in English on punctuation, handwriting, descriptive language and connecting sentences; this will all be done through our topic. To find out more about our exciting topic based approach to teaching the curriculum do take a look at our Class Topic Plans web page.

Throughout the year we will also continue to teach your child phonics; for more information about how we teach phonics at St Edmund’s please click here.

The children will have homework weekly that is related to the Maths, English or topic work we are working on that week. The children will also have a weekly spelling test on a Monday; they will be given the spellings on Tuesdays so will have nearly a week to learn them.


Each child will have a homework book which all their homework can be completed in. The children will be given homework on a Friday and it is expected in for marking by the following Wednesday. In Year 2 the homework is essential and will be monitored closely, therefore completing and returning homework is very important to your child’s education.  Please do come and speak to the class teacher if you are having problems with understanding the homework or need any guidance with what is expected


The children will all have a spelling book which again will be taken home on a Tuesday and will need to be brought back in on a Monday for their weekly spelling test.  Each child will have a list of spellings which they are to learn during the week at home ready for their spelling test on Monday. Please do help your child with learning the spellings by practicing with them and encouraging them to look for spelling patterns.


The children will still need their book bags at school every day as when they will change their books will depend on when we can have help from volunteers.  The children will read weekly to the class teacher  during  grouped guided reading in class and individually with reading helpers but reading everyday at home will continue to help build their confidence and enjoyment for reading.  When the children read at home please can you make a note of it in their reading record book so we know if the books have been read and new ones need to be issued.  As the children may now be reading longer books it’s not essential to read their books in one night just 10/ 15 minutes a day will be ample and ensure they are progressing well.

If you have any spare time and you wish to help with reading this would be very much appreciated, the more volunteers and helpers we have result in the children reading more often. Please do come and speak to either of the Year 2 class teachers  if you would be able to help with reading at all.  Thank you in advance for your support.


It is essential that the children have the correct PE kit in school. Their PE kits can be kept in the classroom for the term and will be taken home at the end of each term. This ensures the children do not forget to bring their kit in to school.  The PE kit needed for school is as follows: 1 red polo shirt, 1 navy pair of shorts, 1 pair of trainers for outdoor PE, 1 pair of plimsolls for everyday wear and indoor PE. Please make sure all of these items are clearly named.

If you have anything you wish to discuss with us about your child or questions you want answering please feel free to pop in and see one of us any time after school.

Mrs Boodell Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Skeels Year 2 Teaching Assistant