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Welcome to Year 3 and to Key Stage 2. Moving into Key Stage 2 is an exciting step up from Key Stage 1 as your children will be taught to become more independent. To ensure they quickly settle into their new class routines they will be encouraged to organise themselves for lessons by remembering their reading books, homework books and reading records.



The majority of our English work will be based on our History topic, ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ to ensure the work is engaging and creative. To find out more about our topics do take a look at the Class Topic Plan web page.

Reading: Your children will read in whole class reading sessions, sometimes individually and in weekly guided reading sessions. The main narrative text will be The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will also work from extracts of Stig of the Dump by Clive King and Ug, Boy Genius by Raymond Briggs. They will also read from a variety of Stone Age non-fiction books too. They will have comprehension exercises based on the texts and will be encouraged to borrow books from the Junior or our class library. In addition, the children will need to record what they read at home, daily in their reading records. Please continue to read with your child every day.

Writing: This will also be taught through our topic and will include instructions, poetry, stories, newspaper reports, recounts, and diaries.

Handwriting: Your child will be taught to take pride in their work and will be encouraged to produce neat, fluent, continuous cursive handwriting. In Key Stage 2, we begin to reward children with pen licences when the teacher feels their handwriting is neat enough for a pen and we will have handwriting competitions every long term.

Spellings/Phonics: The spellings sent home will be the Year 3/4-word lists recommended by the Government and the children will be encouraged to investigate and apply them in different contexts. Most of the spelling lists will be focused on spelling patterns. These will be sent home every Friday and tested the following Wednesday. You will find a spelling menu on the first page of your child’s Homework book. These activities are optional, and they are there to help the children practice their spellings.

Grammar and Punctuation: This will be taught discreetly within the topic and there will be SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) tests throughout the term.


Number: Place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractions.

Measurement: Measuring lengths, area, perimeter, time and money.

Geometry: 2D and 3D shapes.

Statistics: Data handling, graphs, bar charts and pictograms.

We will also focus on problem solving, investigating, reasoning and regular times tables tests. Please support your children at home with times tables. We will provide the children with login details to so they can practice their times tables.

Your children will be working on to complete their Maths homework. You can find your children’s login details in their homework book. This website can also be used for practice at any time.

Science: The topic this term isAnimals including Humans’ with a big emphasis on skeletons, muscles and healthy eating.

RE: In RE, we will be learning about Creation, Prayers, Saints and Feasts and Advent.

DT/ART: Cave drawings/models, Stonehenge silhouette paintings, Stone Age jewellery, animal drawings, mammoth models, and sketching.

Computing: Online safety.

PSHE (including RHE): 

PSHE: This term, we will be completing the following lessons:

  • Making it right
  • A new start
  • Together everyone achieves more
  • What is bullying

RHE (Relationship and Health Education for Catholic primary schools):

As you know, we will continue to deliver Relationship and Health Education lessons in all year groups. These lessons are specifically planned for Catholic primary schools as faith is embedded in the core of each lesson.

This term, we will be covering the following lessons:

  • Get Up!
  • The Sacraments
  • Jesus, my friend
  • Friends, family, and others
  • When things feel bad

MFL: This year the children will start learning some basic Greek vocabulary.

Music: Charanga music scheme

PE:  Hockey and Football

School Uniform and PE kit

Pupils are expected to arrive in their PE kit every Tuesday for indoor and outdoor activities, which includes footwear that is suitable for each setting. On cold days, the children can wear a black pair of joggers instead of their PE shorts.

Target Cards

Your child will have a target card for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science which will go home fortnightly on a Wednesday in order for you to have an insight into what we are doing in class and so that you can keep track of the progress your child is making. We ask that these are returned to school on Thursday morning so we can continue to use them in class during the week.

Homework: The children will have weekly spellings and English/Maths/Science or Topic homework. Every Wednesday morning, they will be asked to hand in their Reading record and their homework book.


Friday Homework and spellings given to be submitted by following Wednesday.
Wednesday Spelling test

Homework due in from previous week.

Target cards to be sent home fortnightly and to be returned the following day.

Reading Records due in.

Every Day Reading and multiplication tables.


If you have any queries or if you want to talk to me about anything at all, please feel free to contact me via the class email address: or arrange a meeting with me through the school office. I look forward to working with you and your children.

Ms Foukaridou, Year 3 teacher

Mrs Brown, Teaching Assistant