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Welcome to Year 6

Full details of our topic based curriculum can be found on the Class Topic Plans web page.

Our main topic in the Spring Term is the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. As part of our topic work we will be preparing Mayan food and cooking with chocolate! We will also be reading some Mayan folktales, making Mayan jewellery and masks and studying their religious beliefs. There will also be a very strong focus on revising English, Maths and Science skills to ensure that we are all making good progress towards our targets in the core subjects and that we are beginning to prepare for the SAT tests which will take place in May, whilst being creative and relevant towards our topic and current affairs. In the first few weeks of our English work, we will be looking at myths and legends. During the next few weeks we will also be looking at “Evolution & Inheritance” as a topic focus in Science and “Problem Solving, Reasoning & Investigating” in Mathematics.


As you will no doubt be aware, the children are required to sit the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in May. Preparing for these tests is a major focus in Year 6 throughout the year. Children will be practicing SAT papers throughout the year so please do not download them and practice them at home as it will give me a false impression of their progress and ability.

The school will also try to ensure the SATs induce as little stress as possible amongst pupils, encouraging them to take a positive approach and “have a go” so that they can try to do their best during the tests. In fact the children will get plenty of experience and practice so that there will be no worries or surprises on the day!

Children may revise English and Maths on the BBC website and on the Woodlands Junior School website. The school also encourages parents to purchase the new Collins KS2 revision books or the KS2 CGP new curriculum study books to help prepare their children for SATs – these can be purchased from Smiths or from the Amazon website.


In Year 6 there is an increase in the amount of homework that children are expected to do to help them prepare for Secondary School. Each child will receive a Homework Folder which they can use to transport their work between home and school.

In general, homework will continue to be given out on a Friday and it will be expected in on Wednesday morning. Work handed in late will not be marked. There is also a continued expectation that your child will read at home every day whether this is a book, newspaper, magazine or any other source of writing for at least 30 minutes and that s/he will continue to practise their times tables weekly. In Year 6 we ask children to keep a record of what they have read in their Reading Journal which they will keep in their Book Bag.

Transition to Secondary School

As if SATs and the residential trip were not enough in Year 6, we also have the issue of this being your child’s last year at primary school. The first few months are an extremely hectic time in this transition process; there are many open days to attend at local secondary schools, who will be trying to convince you of their credentials. Please let the School Office know if your child will be absent from school to attend one of these sessions.

You will be getting more literature and information about secondary school choices in due course. Normally applications have to be in by the end of November. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the School Office, who will be happy to help you.

School Uniform and PE kit

It is expected that the uniform standards in Year 6 remain high until pupils leave. This is especially true of PE kit. Pupils are expected to have PE kit for indoor and outdoor use, which includes footwear that is suitable for each environment. Although we are scheduled to have PE on Wednesdays, it is recommended that Year 6 pupils keep their PE kit in school all week so that they can take part in any extra physical activities that may take place at short notice. The school would also like to remind parents that pupils should not wear ear rings at school, and if children do have pierced ears then they should remove their ear rings during school hours. If children come to school wearing ear rings they will be asked to remove them. We would also like to reinforce the fact that pupils should have a pair of plimsolls to wear indoors as part of their general uniform.

For after school activities it is recommended that children do not wear their PE kit, but bring in an alternative kit to ensure that their school PE kit remains clean for lessons. In Year 6 this becomes really essential with increased exertion and perspiration.

If you have any particular issues about your child that you would like to discuss I am always available for parents every day after school (except Wednesdays) – just pop in for a chat. Alternatively, please drop the School Office an email and arrange to see me at a more convenient time for you and they will forward your request on to me.

Mrs Hague, Year 6 Teacher                  
Mrs Himpson
Year 6 Teaching Assistant.