We are a Catholic school, and so Religious Education is central to our curriculum for all children. Through Religious Education lessons, we encourage the children to learn about religion, from religion and also to analyse and evaluate, expressing how values and beliefs influence our everyday lives.

The schools of the Diocese of Portsmouth follow a strategy called ‘God Matters’ from Nursery to Year 6. This approach aims to promote:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to the ultimate questions about human life, its origin and purpose;
  • The skills required to engage in examination of and reflection upon religious belief and practice.

As children progress through the school, they revisit the key themes in an increasingly sophisticated way. For each theme, they are supported to engage with the key ideas, explore them, carefully considering the ‘what and the why’, and to express their ideas and understanding in a wide variety of ways.

Adaptations are made to the curriculum so that it is accessible to and challenging for all and so that no child is disadvantaged by Special Educational Needs or Disability.

We teach about other religions as part of the Religious Education curriculum and children particularly learn about Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. We also offer opportunities for pupils at St. Edmund’s and members of our local community who are practising members of other faiths to share information about their culture and traditions. Whilst we do not compare religions, this enables us to make links and reflect on what unites us as people of faith.

The following tables outline the structure of the year:


Weeks  Dates Topic  EYFS Feast Days/Mass
1 04/09 School Mission Statement Beginning of year
2 11/09 Creation
3 18/09 Creation
4 25/09 Creation
5 02/10 Creation Creation  
6 09/10 Other Faiths

Y1 – Judaism; Y2 – Islam; Y3 – Judaism; Y4 – Islam; Y5 – Judaism; Y6 – Islam

Harvest Harvest
7 16/10 Y1 – Judaism; Y2 – Islam; Y3 – Judaism; Y4 – Islam; Y5 – Judaism; Y6 – Islam Year R – Introduction to Judaism
8 30/10 Catholic Social Teaching All Saints
9 06/11 Catholic Social Teaching Catholic Social Teaching Remembrance
10 13/11 St Edmund Year R – Introduction to Islam St Edmund’s Day
11 20/11 Catholic Social Teaching Christ the King
12 27/11 Advent Advent
13 04/12 Advent Advent
14 11/12 Advent Christingle



Weeks  Dates Topic  EYFS Feast Days/Mass
1 08/01 Christmas Christmas Epiphany
2 15/01 Christmas  
3 22/01 Revelation Revelation
4 29/01 Revelation
5 05/02 Revelation
6 19/02 Lent Lent
7 26/02 Lent Lent
8 04/03 Lent
9 11/03 Lent
10 18/03 Lent
11 25/03 Holy Week Holy Week Stations of the Cross



Weeks Dates Topic EYFS Feast Days/Mass
1 15/04 Easter Easter Easter
2 22/04 Easter  
3 29/04 Easter  
4 06/05 Mary Mary Mary- Mass or procession
5 13/05 Other Faiths 

Y1 – Hinduism; Y2 – Sikhism; Y3 – Hinduism; Y4 – Sikhism; Y5 – Hinduism; Y6 – Sikhism

Year R – Introduction to Hinduism Ascension
6 20/05 Pentecost and Mission Pentecost and Mission Pentecost
7 03/06 Pentecost and Mission  
8 10/06 Pentecost and Mission Year R – Introduction to Sikhism  
9 17/06 Pentecost and Mission  
10 24/06 Sacraments Sacraments St Peter and St Paul
FHC Mass?
11 01/07 Sacraments  
12 08/07 Sacraments Leavers Mass