Staff have high expectations. They are ambitious and ensure that pupils achieve well, becoming happy successful learners. Ofsted January 2020


Headteacher: Mrs E Kirwan
SENCO: Mrs S Demarchi
Teaching Staff:
Miss M Stokes (Nursery Leader)
Mrs F Semple (Reception teacher, EYFS Lead, RE Lead)
Mrs F Sylvester (Year 1 Teacher, ECT Mentor, Humanities Lead)
Mrs R Demain (Year 1 Teacher, Computer Lead, Music Lead)
Miss A Rolston (Year 2 Teacher, ECT)
Miss C Hurley (Year 3 Teacher, English Lead)
Miss J Prior (Year 4 Teacher, Apprentice Teacher)
Mrs T Bradbury (Year 5 Teacher, Maths Lead)
Mrs M Wadrzyk (Year 6 Teacher, Science Lead, PSHE Lead)
Mrs L Perez (PPA Cover, MFL Lead)
Teaching Assistants:

Our Teaching Assistants provide support and interventions where required.

Mrs T Astone
Mrs D Brown
Mrs C Cuss
Mrs E Chapman
Mrs E Davis
Mrs E Devlin
Miss J Evans
Miss C Hardiman
Miss J Hartley
Mrs J Graham
Mrs T Lavers
Mrs L Painton
Mr H Quigley
Mrs J Rowe
Mrs N Skeels
Mrs K Walters
School Business Manager:
Mrs C Lomas
Administrative Staff: Mrs D Dingwall – Administrator
Mrs E Nailatikau – Administrative Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs M Cox
Mrs S Barrett
Cleaner: Mrs S Barrett
Caretakers: Mr T Brown
Mrs D Brown