Heart of Light

Why a Heart – Why a Heart of Light?

Why a heart?  For us, it represents the heart of Jesus!  Without the heart of Jesus, there would be no mercy.  Jesus came to show us the heart of God the Father – A Father who has always been merciful.  He came to show us that God loves us so much that he chose to have a human face and a human heart!  We can commit ourselves fully and respond to God and to our fellow human brothers and sisters with our whole heart, full of love, compassion, joy and strength from the Holy Spirit!

For our ‘Heart of Light’ project we are going to position candles in the shape of a large heart on OLA Senior School grounds on Tuesday 29th November.  Each candle represents a different person – completely unique and distinct, but also, part of a community of human beings that is loved by God.  When the 12,000 candles are put together to make one heart, it represents that God’s love for each one of us, just as we are.

What is more, everything that we are is written in our heart.  Our desire for God comes from our heart too.  God loves us so much, that our love is always a response to his!  He calls us to give our entire lives to him and in service to others.  Like the first apostles who left their nets and followed Jesus, we know that a commitment to perform the works of mercy is not a temporary thing.  It is the mission of a lifetime – a true call to follow Jesus with all of our heart.  Our answer is yes!  Our mission is to help other people to do the same!

Thank you for supporting us throughout this project. The overall project raised £6400! So we are able to give CAFOD £3200 and OLA can send £3200 to the Rutsya School in Uganda.

Please pray with us using our Heart of Light Prayer.

We believe that if everyone had a heart like Jesus the world would be a better place!