“During the visit, the children were consistently polite, well-mannered and well behaved. In class, they demonstrated good learning behaviours, were attentive and listened to each other with respect.” Diocesan Monitoring Visit July 2018 


We are eager for our pupils to take responsibility for their own environment and to have some input with regards to decisions made by the school Management Team (including Governors). Therefore, each class selects a Class Captain and Vice Captain to represent them on the School Council each academic year. The Council meets together at least once every short term, under the watchful eye of Miss Foukaridou, to discuss relevant key issues and concerns that have been raised by any pupils, teachers or members of the school community.

Our School Council took an active role in selecting the new catering company and healthy menus for the hot meals we are all now enjoying everyday. The Council also reflects on school events and can often have a direct impact on the life of the school.

The Year 5 and 6 School Council members were keen to tell visitors at our Open Morning why they should send their children to our school:

‘Hello, my name is Jeanette and welcome to St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School. Everyone at our school always follows our school motto- In our school every day we learn, love and pray.
Our school is a brilliant place to be because everyone is here to help you and the teachers always listen to and support us.’

‘Our school welcomes everybody and makes everyone feel a part of the St Edmund’s community. Our school is fair and everybody is treated equally. All of the children at St Edmund’s are happy, friendly and polite and we always want to come to school.’

‘Our school allows you to join lots of different clubs. For example, football, cricket, netball, homework club, athletics, Code Club, tag rugby and cooking club. Our school offers you the chance to take part in lots of sports competitions, including cross country, netball and football matches. We could use some new members!’

‘In St Edmund’s we are:
Safe, smiley, secure and we believe in sportsmanship,
Caring, courageous, cheerful, careful and co-operative,
Helpful, honest, healthy and happy,
Obedient and on time,
On target, occupied and we have great opportunities,
Loving, we learn a lot of things and we feel lucky.

Being a member of the School Council and being able to represent the views of your class members and fellow pupils is an important responsibility that the children take very seriously.