How can I find out how my child is doing?

We are firmly committed to the view that a close working relationship with parents will benefit your child’s education.  Furthermore, good communication between home and school contributes to the quality of this partnership. Here are some ways in which parents and teachers at St Edmund’s communicate with each other:

Informal Talks with Staff

Teachers are usually available to talk to parents every day after school except on Wednesdays, when we meet at 3.30 pm for a Staff Meeting.  Do feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher and let them know of any questions or concerns you may have. If a longer time is needed, arrangements may be made to consult your child’s teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Informal Talks with the Headteacher

Mrs Delany-White is always pleased to see parents, if she is free.  Otherwise, please make an appointment through the School Office.  We hope you will not hesitate to discuss any worries or concerns with our staff and Headteacher.  We feel a problem is generally easier solved when dealt with informally in the early stages.  Usually it is more beneficial for both parties to talk first rather than corresponding through a letter.

Parent/Teacher Consultation Evenings

Meetings are held in October and February/March as an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s current attainment and their academic progress.  Please make every effort to attend these important meetings as they are a good way for you to hear how well your child is doing as well as to ask questions as to how to how you can support their continued progress throughout the academic year.

Children’s Reports

These are sent to parents in the Summer term in July and a meeting can be arranged with your child’s class teacher if needed.  Parents are invited and encouraged to make their own comments about their child’s progress on the accompanying slips and return these to the school.  There are no formal meetings accompanying the school reports but parents who particularly want to discuss the report with the class teacher can make an appointment to do so.

Reading Diaries

These diaries are a means of communication about your child’s progress in reading.  We hope that you will contribute to your child’s reading diary on a regular basis.

School Newsletters

Regular Newsletters are sent from the Headteacher giving details of events and news about the school. This Newsletter is sent out to all parents via Parent Mail and a paper copy is available on request. A copy of the Headteacher Newsletter is also added to the website under the title Head’s News.

Parent Mail

Most parents will receive information from school via Parent Mail. This is a quick and easy way for class teachers and the Office staff to keep you up to date with trips, clubs, special events, cake sales etc. Any urgent messages specifically about your child can also be sent to you via text. Do please let the Office staff have your up to date contact details as soon as any changes are made.